Celebrating International Nurses Day – 12th May 2020

May 12th is Florence Nightingale’s birthday and the day on which we celebrate the importance of nurses around the world. It’s a day to celebrate our achievements, give each other a pat on the back and reflect on our proud history and look forward to our future with hope and determination.

We have a proud history and legacy to uphold and our very foundations are built on our Nurses who have been at the forefront of keeping our communities safe in their homes since 1927. In those early days the ‘bush nurses’, members of the Women’s Division Federated Farmers, rode horseback to people isolated in rural communities bringing valuable support,  care and assistance in the home and maternity support.

Our Access Community Health whakatauki is “Ka mua, ka muri” meaning “walking backwards into the future” – we must look to the past to inform the future.  We have such a strong nursing heritage and influence within our organization who continue to put the client at the heart of everything they do. The compassion and care relates very strongly to the ethos and integrity of “the Lady with the Lamp” who set in motion a journey for Nurses to be recognized for the significant value that each Nurse brings to our communities.  Thank you from all your colleagues at Access Community Health & Total Care Health as you celebrate the tremendous contribution Nurses make to the health and wellness of our country.

Thank you for your tenacity, your care, your grit and determination.

How can you celebrate Nurses on International Nurse day? On May 12th:

  • Thank the Nurses in your life – Nursing is known for being a “behind-the-scenes” profession. A simple “thank you for all you do” could make a nurse’s day by showing that you notice their hard work. With more than 50,000 nurses in New Zealand, chances are there is at least one nurse out there who would be thrilled to be the object of your gratitude.
  • Give the gift of caffeine – Nurses often work long, thankless shifts standing on their feet. For a nurse on the run, there’s nothing better than a boost of caffeine in the middle of a shift.
  • Learn about the Woman responsible for it all – we have all heard the name Florence Nightingale, but do you know what made her famous? In honour of International Nurses Day, educate yourself about this ground breaking woman who paved the way for modern nursing. Read an article – or better yet, watch a documentary about “The Lady with the lamp”.

What does being a Nurse mean to our Nurses here at Access Community Health?

We asked some of our Nurses why they became a Nurse and what being a Nurse means to them. Click here to find out what they had to say.

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