Sector Relationships

Access - Sector Relationships

Sector support

We don’t know it all, so we work hard to connect with the right individuals, organisations, experts and charities to learn as much as we can to improve our services. And in return, we support them in their efforts to make a real difference.

Our connections

Access is directly involved in supporting these outstanding organisations:

We work closely with the Ministry of Health, ACC, and District Health Boards to ensure our people’s needs are being met.

If you are new to Access, call us on 0508 123 010 – we can talk with you about your situation and the best way to access the support you need.

Enquiries about Access Community Health services

Please call 0800 284 663 or use this form to enquire about our services.

If you have any enquiries about Access Community Health services, careers and vacancies, training, or anything else, please get in touch via the phone number above or by completing and submitting this form.

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