Spinal Cord Injury Support

Spinal Cord Injury Support | Access Community Health
Spinal Cord Injury Support | Access Community Health

We’re in this together

Adjusting to, and living with spinal impairment is a journey for everyone involved. We will work closely with you, your whānau and family to ensure that journey is designed by you.

Your needs are central to everything we do. Our principles of care for you are founded on respect, compassion, reliability, listening and more importantly, understanding what is important to you.

We will work hard so that you have confidence we have your best interests at heart at every stage.

The right support for you

Not everyone is the same. We will tailor our services to meet you, your whānau and family’s needs from day one. Communication is key to understanding the best way to help – we will engage with you on an ongoing basis to ensure we are getting it right.

Whether you need holistic support, specific care, a little or a lot, we will be there to deliver.

We take training of our staff seriously so you can be sure you are in safe hands. As an example, we ensure our teams know how to recognise autonomic dysreflexia and how to respond with calmness and urgency.

Our Regional Managers are committed to ensuring you and your whānau get the support you need.

Spinal Cord Injury Support | Access Community Health
Spinal Cord Injury Support | Access Community Health

Sector relationships

We don’t know it all, so we work hard to connect with the right individuals, organisations, experts and charities to learn as much as we can to improve our services. And in return, we support them in their efforts to make a real difference. Access is directly involved in sponsoring these outstanding organisations:

We work closely with the Ministry of Health, ACC, and District Health Boards to ensure our people’s needs are being met.

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What is your enquiry regarding?