Specialised Clinical Services

Our professionally trained nurses can help you improve your quality of life, delivering personalised care with skill and respect.

Specialised professionals

Our professionally trained nurses are competent across many disciplines and can positively contribute to your quality of life, delivering complex care with skill and respect.

Specialised services

We can help you with the following clinical services, and many more:

  • Advanced wound care treatment utilising negative pressure technologies;
  • Catheter care and support;
  • Continence support;
  • Brace care (Aspen collar);
  • Intravenous treatments;
  • PICC line management;
  • Subcutaneous injections;
  • Doppler machine tests;
  • Compression therapy;

If you are new to Access, call us on 0508 123 010 – we can talk with you about your situation and the best way to access the support you need.

Enquiries about Access Community Health services

Please call 0800 284 663 or use this form to enquire about our services.

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