Palliative Care

Understanding what’s important to you to achieve the best quality of life possible, within the place and with the people you choose.

Palliative Care | Access Community Health
Palliative Care | Access Community Health

Ensuring that every part of your wellbeing is understood and respected

Our approach ensures that every part of your wellbeing is understood and looked after respectfully. This includes your medical care, physical symptoms and spiritual concerns.

It’s important to know that palliative care recognizes the right of the person with the illness to make decisions about their treatment. You can choose who is involved in your care.

As part of the broader palliative care network of services, we also work closely with community and hospital palliative care teams and in-patient palliative care units.

Access Community Health can provide palliative in-home care across New Zealand

Dedicated Nurses and Support Workers work together with your health care team to:

  • Provide personalised, holistic care
  • Make you as comfortable as possible
  • Enable you to spend time with the people closest to you
  • Ensure that your rights are respected and appropriate care is accessible
Palliative Care | Access Community Health

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