Our People in Action

If you're thinking about joining us, gain an insight into the rewarding world of home care with stories direct from our staff below. Our support workers come from all walks of life and we celebrate diversity.

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Our People in Action
Access Nurses

Access Nurses

What does it mean to be a Nurse?

This is something we think about every day at Access Community Health!

Nurses are leaders. They are communicators and professionals. They are a patient's confidant and their advocate. What else does it mean to be a nurse? We asked our Nurses a few questions around this - find their answers below:


Anne - Clinical Team Leader, Wellington

What does being a Nurse mean to you? - People, caring, responsibility. As a Nurse I have a responsibility in regard to my individual practice, my team, colleagues and my clients and their Whanau and of course to nursing. My work and practice involves and revolves around people and my relationship with them. My practice has to be "solid", based on knowledge, experience and ethics to enable me to assess, identify issues, interpret and articulate these to discuss and look for solutions either at client or process level. "Caring" keeps me grounded and focused on the person in front of me, on the phone or in an email. Be it a client or staff member.

What do you enjoy about being a Nurse? - I enjoy being a Nurse because of the diversity of the people and roles and skills. I love the stories that people share and it is very humbling being at the beginning and end of life and travelling with people for part of their journey in between. I have had many roles in my nursing journey but right now I feel particularly blessed working with the Wellington Regional Whanau. because that is what we are - Whanau working together as one. We are a diverse group of people who have grown together and share our skills to improve what we do for the people we are responsible for in a caring manner. Couldn't ask for more.

Justine - Registered Nurse, Ashburton

Why did you choose to become a Nurse? - I became a Nurse because I wanted to help people. I wanted to make a difference.

What does being a Nurse mean to you? - Being a Nurse is my whole life. It is part of who I am, it's inbuilt. It means the world to me.

What do you enjoy about being a Nurse? - I enjoy knowing I've made a difference to people's lives, that I've helped them in some way - big or small.

Kanwaljeet - Registered Nurse, Waikato

What does being a Nurse mean to you? - For me, being a Nurse means being part of someone's life and making a change is his/her life by giving your best without any expectations.

What do you enjoy about being a Nurse? - I enjoy being a Community Nurse, which is quite different from bedside nursing, as you get to know your client more closely and feel connected. It's a pleasure caring for elderly especially when they are by themselves and need the most support. I feel privileged when just making a phone call makes them smile and they know someone is looking after them.

Thea - Registered Nurse and Support Worker Coordinator, Canterbury

Why did you choose to become a Nurse? - It was a calling really. Other influences - I read the Nurse Barton books at primary school and my mum was a Nurse assistant in the war. I loved biology and the human body.

What does being a Nurse mean to you? - Being a contributor and making a difference. The days on the ward where you know you have really connected with patients/colleagues and been "in the zone" is amazing. You leave work on a high knowing the value of what you contribute. It's the "me" that presents the sum total of my personality and manner, my knowledge and skills that contributes to others, it's the life affirming and life enhancing actions you do every day, even in death! Like in Palliative care or Emergency nursing, you know you have supported the families, and cared for a soul to the end of their earthly journey with compassion and kindness, skill and best practice. Nursing is fascinating; no two days ever the same, no two clients present alike even with the same underlying condition. So you are always learning, always adapting.

What do you enjoy most about being a Nurse? - Connecting with people, making a difference and sharing my knowledge and skills and leaving people, be it colleagues/clients/patients with a better understanding of their health concern, and empowerment over managing self in relationship to that. Privileged with insights into how others live and why they make the choices they do. Fascination with the complexity of the human body and mind! Always learning something new. Flexibility of career options - there are many different fields of Nursing to work in.

Sarah - Enrolled Nurse, Southern

Why did you choose to become a Nurse? - I worked as a caregiver in a Rest Home, and I really enjoyed working with the elderly and wanted to further my knowledge to be able to help and care for people of all ages.

What does being a Nurse mean to you? - I feel really happy that I choose to be a Nurse. It has given me an opportunity to show compassion and kindness and to care for people which is very satisfying. I feel it's a privilege to be a Nurse as you are working intimately with Clients/Patients and their families.

What do you enjoy about being a Nurse? - I enjoy being a Nurse because I like helping people. I enjoy when you walk away from a Client/Patient or family feeling that you have made a difference and knowing you have done a good job to get the best outcome for that person.