Suspicious Home Survey Visits

We have had an alarming number of reports from clients concerned that they are being visited at home by people claiming to be Access staff doing a survey.  These people are not wearing a uniform and do not have ID.  They are asking a variety of questions about the care they receive, and the medication they are taking, and being told they will receive a bonus for the number of surveys completed.  They do not leave behind any information or follow-up details.

Please be aware that Access staff are not doing any face to face surveys.  Our survey is paper based.

Access staff will always be in uniform and have an ID badge. Do not let anyone into your home claiming to be from Access who is not in uniform or holding ID.

If you are concerned with anyone coming to your home, and you are not sure if they are Access staff – please call us immediately to check.

If in doubt – you should call your local police on 105.

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