Our Services

We can provide comprehensive health care and nursing services for a range of complex or non complex needs.

We'll tend to your needs in your home, workplace or place of study, meaning you can continue your day without the need for a visit to a clinic or hospital.

Our Services

Our team of registered nurses across the North Island can deliver a diverse range of health services including:

ACC home and community support services - one of the largest providers in Auckland

  • Wound management: acute, chronic and complex wound assessment and management - Total Care Health nurses are woundcare specialists
  • Primary Options Acute Care services in the client's home
  • Medication administration and intravenous therapy
  • Bowel and bladder care
  • Continence management
  • Monitoring and maintenance of skin integrity
  • Complex community client assessment for ACC and other providers

Private health services and education

  • As above plus...
  • Education service – providing education programmes for primary health professionals
  • CPR training

Visits can be flexible to fit in with your lifestyle and commitments where possible. We do ask that you let us know when you can't make an appointment though. If you feel your needs change you can either contact your ACC Case Manager or call us on 0800 426 877 or 09 630 1630.

Getting our services

If you feel you need support with any of our services here's what you need to do:

Visit your GP or speak to your ACC Case Manager who can refer you to us. Typically services can start within 1 day of acceptance of a referral.

Alternatively, and for private health services and our education programmes, you can call us on 0800 426 877 or 09 630 1630.