Individualised Funding

Access is an approved individualised funding host organisation, able to help you manage your own support.

Individualised Funding

What is Individualised Funding (IF)?

Individualised Funding is a Ministry of Health funded support service that gives eligible people the flexibility and control to manage their own funding, in a way that helps them live their life in a way that best suits you.

Individualised Funding puts you in control! 

It can be hard to understand all the information and options – that's what we are here for!  We can step you through what it all means – and help you to decide what is best for you!   

You can choose and employ your support workers or let us take care of that for you. You can plan everything from how you want to use the support funding, including having Access manage payroll on your behalf. Access can support you through the IF journey to enable you to meet your goals, stay connected in your community and continue to do what you love.   

We can help explain IF in detail to you and your Family/Whānau. Including:

  • Understanding your responsibilities as an employer 
  • Help you understand the options you have, such as being an employer yourself or using a host such as Access to contract your Support Workers
  • Choosing and employing our support workers.
  • Support to determine how and when your services are used 
  • Providing payroll and budgeting services
  • Providing relief services if your employees are unavailable.  

To find out more and discuss how we can support you, contact 0508 123 010 or email