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Out of Auckland
0800 426 877 / 0800 4 A NURSE

Out of Auckland
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Total Care Health Services

Total Care Health Services is a trusted community nursing organisation established in 2007 by two dedicated registered nurses. Our team of over 50 qualified nurses deliver both ACC and private nursing services, specialising in woundcare management, directly to people’s homes, or places of work or study. Part of Access Community Health, we support people to manage their health and those with injury, disability, age related and life style challenges.

We’re also trusted leaders in delivering professional development training for GP practices, community groups and individuals.

We pride ourselves on our reputation in the health sector and recognise the important cultural needs within our communities including te whare tapa whā. The delivery of culturally appropriate services that meet the needs of all clients is paramount and includes ensuring all of our clients are treated with dignity and respect.

Why choose Total Care Health?

Because we are a trusted provider to ACC and deliver service based on best practice. With Total Care Health, if you've suffered an injury, we'll bring woundcare right to you so your day is not disrupted by a visit to a clinic or hospital. Speak to your ACC Case Manager or contact us for private nursing, woundcare or education services.

“It’s been a very hard journey following my motorcycle crash. But I’m recovering with my determination and the help and support from family, friends and agencies like Total Care Health who helped with my rehabilitation.”

Mike, Waikato

I value the professionalism, knowledge and skill of the Total Care Health nurses that visit me in my home, to assist with my wound care.

Nancy, North Shore