Getting Help

You may have questions about how to get started with home based support for yourself or a loved one.

Follow the steps below or contact us and we can advise on the best course of action, depending on your personal circumstances and specific needs.

Getting Help

Can we help you?

Our clients have ranged in age from under 10 years old to 110! We support people:

  • Who are elderly or over 65 and require support to remain in their home
  • Who are living with long term conditions or disease
  • Who live with a disability
  • On short or long term support following an injury or accident
  • Who have just come out of surgery
  • Nearing the end of life and require palliative care
  • Who support a loved one and need someone else to help offer respite
  • Who want extra support for a loved one, or a helping hand around the home.

Getting help is easy

Step one - talk to your GP or ACC Case Manager who can refer you for home healthcare. Alternatively call us direct on 0800 284 663. We'll talk about your situation and the best way you can access support or even private health if you are not eligible for funding.

Step two - once appointed, one of our registered nurses will visit you at home to assess your situation fully. This is an important part of determining exactly what you need, so you are welcome to have family or whanau member, or friend join you.

Step three - once we understand your needs, we work alongside your GP or health agency to develop a 'support plan' - this incorporates the steps and goals required to maximise your independence and specific tasks that your support worker will do to support you.

Step four - you'll be matched with a support worker or nurse most suited to your needs. They'll get to know you, support you and work with you to achieve your goals.

Funding options

When you are referred for home healthcare and support you will also be assessed for public assistance from one of the following:

  • Services for those over 65 are managed and funded by District Health Boards (DHBs).
  • For people living with a disability support is funded by Disability Support Services.
  • Community, or district, nursing services are funded by either the DHB or ACC.
  • ACC (the Accident Compensation Corporation) funds support if you have been injured, to help you get back to everyday life as soon as possible.

We can advise on options available depending on your individual circumstances.  If you are not eligible for public assistance don't worry, there are other options so just click here to find out more.

To find out how you can get our support call 0800 284 663