Access Private Services

There are a number of ways we offer our services to people who may not yet be eligible for funded support.

It is a good option if you are looking for extra support, or top up hours, for yourself or a loved one and means our services are available to anyone.

Access Private Services

Extra support for a loved one

We know people lead busy lives and can't always be around to help, especially as parents age. It may be that your parent lives in Nelson and you live in Auckland so you worry about them as they are getting older.

For less than the price of a meal out or a tank of fuel, let us offer the peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands as we help look after their needs and their home and keep a safe eye on them.

I live far from my ageing Dad in the North Shore, and feel very guilty not being around for him following his stroke. Although he had government funded support it soon ended. For just a small charge I know he can get continued support. This helps me just as much, as I know Dad is looked after even beyond his period of recovery.

Gareth from Wellington

We offer very reasonable rates for services that can offer assurance and peace of mind for you or a loved one. Click here to request a quote or call us on 0800 284 663.

Top up hours

You can join people like Derek who pay privately for top up hours.

The government funding doesn't give me as much support as I would like, so for a reasonable price I can pay to have just the support I want, not just what I need.


Top up means just that. You, or your loved one, may be given an allowance of hours of funded support, and you simply top it up by buying extra support from us. It's very simple and a popular choice for many.

Affordable, professional and personal service

You can pay privately for any of our services, whether it be help cleaning the home or personal cares we've got you covered!

We also offer a range of additional services, including:

  • The latest in communications tools to allow your loved ones to be connected to your services
  • Medication dispensing technology
  • Access to the Green Cross Health network of Pharmacists and Doctors

It means anyone has access to the range of services we provide regardless of age or personal circumstances. However depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for support to be paid by another agency, a charity or a health foundation or society. Private medical insurance may cover some home-based support services - speak to your insurance provider who can advise further.