Registered Health Professionals

Physios and OTs work as part of Access Registered Health Professional team to help you regain confidence to live independently after an illness or injury.

Registered Health Professionals

When you come to Access you will initially meet our health professional team

Our health professional team are made up of registered nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Depending on what your needs are, you will meet one or more of them. Sometimes only one of these health professionals will work with you and sometimes all three will be involved in your rehab at home. Typically they all work closely together as part of a team. Our registered health professionals and support workers are all part of your team supporting your return to independence.

An Occupational Therapist (OT) may work with you to assess your level of self care ability and your ability to carry out other activities necessary for day to day living. They may advise on changes to the environment to make life easier. Teach you how to learn and adapt to be able to carry out your activities of daily living and help you to be as self sufficient as possible. They may help you with memory recall if this is a problem for you. Using their specialist skills, they will work with you to:

  • Prevent falls
  • Put in place strength and balance exercises 
  • Use equipment to help your mobility and everyday living
  • Put in place a range of exercises and or work/rest routines to help you cope with a long term condition, ageing or recovery form an injury
  • Participate in leisure activities or reengage in social activities

The Physiotherapist (Physio) will work with you to evaluate your range of movement, strength, sensation. They will be reviewing your risk of having a fall. In partnership with you they will develop a programme with a range of techniques and sometimes exercises. They will also teach your support workers the exercises so that they can support and encourage you with these during the day. Their aim will be to help you to restore physical function so that you can do as much as you can for yourself.

Like the Access nurses, the OTs and Physios have specialist skills and they will work closely with you, your family, whanau and other members of your team to support your return to independence or, if you have had a serious injury, to support you to live the best life possible.