Injury Rehabilitation

We are currently one of five National Lead providers of home and community support funded by ACC and have offices in most regions across the country.

We are able to provide the wide range of services that you may need  including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well as a team of qualified support workers.  This means you don’t have to look elsewhere for your support.

Injury Rehabilitation

Our services are fully funded services to support you to return to independence following an injury or accident.

The range of services that you might need include:

  • Assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Assistance with heavier housework
  • Assistance with meals, shopping
  • Assistance with child care

Rehabilitation exercises or routines to assist your recovery will be integral to the services we provide for you. That is where our health professional team come in – depending on your unique needs it may be a nurse, occupational therapist or physiotherapist who takes the lead in working with you to develop your plan that will support your rehabilitation and recovery.

A Support Worker will then visit you at times agreed by you to help you implement your plan.

Most frequently you will only be needing services for between six and twelve weeks. If you have a more serious injury we will work with you in a different way (see Spinal & Head Injury Support).