Flu season is upon us and we are committed to keeping all our staff well this winter.  For the most UpToDate information about the flu vaccine, and your eligibility, please click Home | fightflu.co.nz… You will need to allow 2 weeks after having a COVD-19 vaccine before you can have your flu shot.

We are pleased to be partnering alongside Green Cross Health (GXH) to make this process really easy for you. Please note there are two different vouchers.  One is for our front line staff, and the other is for office-based staff.  The process for the Flu Vouchers will be the same as last year. Staff can go into a participating Unichem or Life Pharmacy and no money will need to change hands.  A list of participating pharmacies can be found  here https://www.greencrosshealth.co.nz/flushot

Your flu vaccine will be fully funded by the MOH.  Please ensure wherever you choose to have your vaccine, they are able to provide this for free.  We will not be reimbursing staff.  If you choose to use a participating Unichem or Life Pharmacy, please click this link Flu shots for staff (access.org.nz) to download the voucher labelled “Access -MOH funded” 

We are thrilled to be able to subsidise the flu vaccine again this year, for people who are not eligible for the funded vaccine. 

Payroll will deduct the $10 after confirmation from GXH. 

To get your Flu Voucher, complete the below form acknowledging that when you redeem your voucher at participating Unichem and Life Pharmacies there will be no immediate cost.  However you agree that $10.00 will subsequently be deducted from your next available pay following the redemption of the voucher. Following submitting this form, you will be asked to “Click Here to Download Voucher”