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Access Community Health is so proud to be recognised at the New Zealand Primary Health Awards over the weekend!

These awards celebrate excellence in the sector and acknowledge the mahi done to support the care of people and their whanau through innovation and a commitment to enhancing services and quality.

We are so proud of the Access whanau who were nominated in two categories for the great mahi done in two areas, Our Covid-19 response and Innovation in Health Technology and Telehealth.

We were thrilled when Access won the Innovation in Health Technology and Telehealth award with the work done on AVA – the Access Virtual Assistant app.

This win is due to the hard work from the entire team, starting with the IT team who developed and continue to enhance the technology for our business, to each and every person who focused on the implementation and roll out and to our Support Workers who use AVA every day.

This is everyone’s award!

Interested to know more about AVA?

AVA - the Access Virtual Assistant was born out of a desire not only to rid our support staff of paper timesheets, log mileage books and the uncertainty of knowing what would be in their pay packet, but to ensure they were safe and able to communicate with us wherever they were.

At Access our team of over 3,000 front line staff are all invested in AVA and the support she gives them.

AVA is linked to their rosters, and our clients care plans, and to our care co-ordinators. She allows us to connect through to our funders who run multiple complicated systems for payment and give them transparency of claims, and the ability to collate accurate data for future forecasting.

There was significant investment made by Access to enhance our service delivery, to provide transparency and to address the Health & Safety of our teams and our clients.

AVA keeps our people safe. She has a GPS locator, so we can communicate with our mobile workforce in real time and locate them should they get into trouble. This was critical during Covid -19 when messages of risk in a home needed to be communicated quickly.

App-based tools like AVA are not particularly unique on the surface - but where we are unique is that Access has an amazing in house development team who are continually enhancing AVA, to meet the ever-changing needs of our staff, our funders and the people in the community we are so privileged to care for.

AVA continues to evolve , and Covid-19 provided the landscape to modify and pivot quickly to enhance, support & deliver. While a pandemic forced us to change our game plan for care, AVA allowed us safe and continuous service delivery, and was the one source of truth our teams could rely on.