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As you are all aware New Zealand has been responding to the global outbreak of Covid-19 (Novel Corona Virus).  With so much information circulating it is important that you have one version of the truth about what is really happening within our country and where you can find credible information.

The Ministry of Health website https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus  is the go to site for all information. It is being updated daily with all relevant information about what the virus is, how it spreads and the precautions we all need to take. 

For any health-related questions about COVID-19 please contact the dedicated COVID-19 Healthline number (0800 358 5453)

For a copy of the letter sent out to Access Community Health clients, please “click here

For a copy of the letter sent out to Total Care Health clients, please “click here

Remember, we are here to help where you need us. Our workforce of over 3000 staff  can help you or your loved ones when you can’t be there.  If you are unwell, or have been placed in self-isolation, and can’t look out for your family like you normally would, we can be there for you when you can’t. We can check in on family and make sure they are doing ok, take them shopping or to appointments. Feel free to contact us on 0800 284 663 to discuss.