We've been supporting people across the country for 90 years.

We're innovators in home healthcare and have built a reputation as one of New Zealand's primary home health providers delivering a personal and professional service. 


But don't just take our word for it. Discover people, like you, who have benefitted from either just a little help around the home or full nursing services and personal care. Whether long-term ongoing support or short-term palliative or ACC support, these people all share one thing in common - we helped them stay independent and able to enjoy the comforts of their own home.

In May 2012, at just ten years old, my daughter Grace became seriously ill with a very rare condition causing inflammation of the brain. Practically overnight, this left her severely disabled, unable to walk, talk, sit, swallow and with very limited movement in her limbs.

Over the last few years our team of Access support workers has settled down to be a group of amazing women - each bringing their own personality and skills. They have witnessed our highs and our lows, celebrated our successes with us and cried alongside us at times.

The standard of care provided has been of a very high standard and as a registered nurse myself, I truly appreciate this. For me too the team have been a valuable support. Having retired to become a stay at home carer/mum, and needing to remain available in case of emergency, it has been very isolating and they all at times have provided a listening and encouraging ear.

Grace and I count our team not just as carers but friends and we want to thank them all sincerely for their love and care which allows Grace and our family to have the chance to get back to a “new normal” life which would not be possible without the amazing support.

Tracey, Wairarapa, mother and carer of daughter living with disabilities

We recently supported a lady visiting from the United States. Mrs Pisoni, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), wanted to visit her son and daughter-in-law based in Hanmer Springs, but was concerned her disability would hinder this.

Having MS makes my life a challenge and yet Access made my vacation a huge success! Thanks to personal assistance from Access, my husband and son could share time fishing without worrying about me feeling uncomfortable.

I was able to explore your amazing country yet return to my accommodation knowing my needs would be looked after, discreetly and confidently. If we hadn’t found Access those precious hours and shared family memories would never have happened.  From my first contact the service was handled quickly and efficiently by helpful staff, who were professional, competent, reliable and friendly.  I couldn’t be happier and will certainly take advantage of your wonderful service in the future!

Mrs Pisoni - Private Hire client

I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the fine service your organisation is providing us. I thought I would write now, because nobody can foresee the future, or how long one's health will last and I would hate to go without conveying my thanks. The extra care I receive both helps us cope and brings a fresh face into the mix and, if I may say so, a very cheerful and kind one in my support workers. While each is as different as the sun and the moon, both bring me more than help but human contact too. As you will have supposed, chronic illnesses tend to isolate us from participation in the outside world, weak immune systems like mine even more so'.

Lester, Auckland, suffering from a terminal illness

My support worker Lucia travels some distance and yet is always on time. Gives me complete peace of mind over the tidiness of my home which she knows is important to me.

Wellington client James.

My mother had advanced Alzheimer's and was completely bed-ridden. I nursed mum at home for three years, prior to which she received poor care in a nursing home making her feel thoroughly miserable. I decided to bring her home after receiving funding for eight weeks of palliative care. It is largely due to the support and faithful rural service of our team from Access that mum was with us as long as she was. She was able to be in her home surrounded by the things she loved. Her team of support workers created a positive, happy atmosphere and turned up everyday come rain, hail, snow, gales, floods, earthquakes and sunshine.

Reverend Jones, Canterbury

My support worker Mary has been absolutely wonderful. She is like a part of the family when she is over and she is always discussing my progress. I've truly appreciated Mary’s help and hope that the next person will appreciate Mary as much as I have. She is a wonderful person.

Alison, 79 years old, Counties Manukau, ACC client following a fall and broken arm

For myself, Hazel has been a true blessing.  Her first words after greeting me for the first time were "Now you just sit there and read your book. I am here to take care of Tom". I read my book and forgot about the world of caring for my partner who lives with post polio syndrome. I am able to discuss any concerns or ideas regarding Tom and this has been so helpful. Tom listens to Hazel and their relationship is truly one of mutual respect and admiration. Hazel helps him be accountable to the agreements he has made with his family. It is fair to say that without Access and the amazing carers, Tom would be more than likely dead as he would not survive in a rest home for long. Tom struggles with being told what to do and a rest home environment would be torture to him.

Kay, partner and live in carer of terminal client, Southbridge

As you know I have been away from work as my father had terminal cancer. He did not want to go into hospice, so for the past few weeks we have had a support person from access coming to our home twice a day, every day.  Her name is Tracey and I cannot express how amazing she has been. Tracey has made a wonderful connection with my father and my whole family. Her support has been absolutely invaluable for my family and she has worked tirelessly to ensure my fathers’ comfort and happiness. She has gone above and beyond my expectation of a carers duties and has been a real rock for us. I truly hope that within your business you will be able to provide her with some form of recognition for her outstanding service.

Bridget, daughter of terminally ill client. Christchurch.

To Kathy who helped me with my showering, personal hygiene and bed making. I want to say a very big thank you for being so caring. I felt really secure with you beside me and now i am sure you wouldn't believe how far I have come towards being my happy, healthy self again. just wanted you to know how very much you were appreciated. Kathy you made me feel I was important. You were very professional as well as caring. Thank you!

Beryl, Wakefield.

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